Advanced African Mango Scam

8 February 2012 | 1 Comment » | Admin

Advanced African Mango Scam – Beware of online Scammers and learn how to avoid African Mango Scams!  African mango scams are very rampant today. This is not surprising since a lot of bad guys are scattered everywhere – even on the internet. This is not about stealing money from you but they are giving you false information and they don’t tell you everything about their product – or what to expect, the real price. Advanced African mango scam is very common indeed but that doesn’t mean that you cannot avoid it. Advanced African mango scam can be prevented if you take time to do simple research and do not buy impulsively.

Advanced African mango scam can be detected easily. When you visit a page and notice that the offer seems to be Advanced African mango scam works by luring the consumers with a price that is almost free. For example, they will offer you a bottle of African mango plus, a weight loss supplement that comes from African mango extract for a price of $4.95 only. Now isn’t it a great deal? Who wouldn’t want to buy the exclusive offer they have when they can actually save almost a total of $42 because one bottle of African mango plus when purchase will cost you $46.91.

What people don’t know is that the moment they enter their credit card account number, the website will start charging your credit card monthly with the amount mounting to $99.85 or more! This is quite frustrating because all you want to do is to save some money while you are on your way to achieving a healthy body. The Advanced African mango scam doesn’t allow you to save but makes you pay a huge amount monthly!

It Is Best Policy To Simply Cancel Your Credit Card

If you have been tricked to do the purchase and have used your credit card for the process, you should not feel miserable at all because you can stop it. The best way to stop the company from “stealing” your money is to terminate your credit card. Unfortunately, you cannot do this immediately and you will have to deal with paying the amount of money for the next month or two. That is why, to avoid the Advanced African mango scam, you need to be aware always for the possibility of scammers that might be lurking in the internet.

Advanced African Mango Scam Is Well Known

To add more, the Advanced African mango scam has gathered negative feedback from a huge number of people which also damages the image of the REAL African mango plus – a product that share the same name with the fake one. It might be difficult to differentiate advance African mango scam from the authentic one since the two has big similarities but one thing you should take note is the price. The REAL African mango plus doesn’t offer $4.95 price per bottle of the supplement although they do offers great discounts. Secondly, you need to be careful with reading the reviews of the product. Advanced African mango scam definitely has a site – research the site carefully. However, if by any chance you didn’t find any comments or reviews from the site or from its linking site, get yourself out of there Chances are, the site didn’t enable leaving comments because they know they will get lots of negative comments or they already have deleted all the comments. Either way, a site that has no feedback should make you wary and careful. So, the next time you see an offer of African mango plus of a bottle with a shocking price of $4.95, close the window immediately because it’s a certified Advanced African mango scam.