African Mango Research

10 January 2012 | 1 Comment »

African Mango is one of the most exciting weight loss discoveries for 2012. For century’s African tribesmen have known that African Mango is a powerful aid for weight loss. Due to compelling research, it is getting noticed by the medical community today for tackling health and obesity problems. Recently scientists have been researching the benefits associated with this exciting discovery for weight loss. Today it is well known that African Mango is quite possible the best weight loss ingredient ever discovered. It is a revolutionary product that tackles weight management and supports the metabolic changes that individuals undergo as they age.

Research shows that Irvingia gabonensis more commonly known as African Mango does indeed have definite weight loss properties that produce a beneficial effect at a metabolic level. Researchers found during an experiment that participants who were given the extract had improvements in their levels of LDL cholesterol, body fat, blood glucose, and body weight, as well as their waist circumference. Participants who were given a placebo during the experiment showed no improvements at all.

The research concluded that the extract positively impacts a variety of health problems and body weight. Furthermore, by the end of the experiment it was evident that African Mango promotes weight loss. As a result of these exciting findings, researchers are recommending that large scale studies should be done immediately. This supplement delivers science-backed stellar results that can help anyone achieve any weight loss resolutions.

Leptin controls the intake of food and the expenditure of energy by engaging receptors in the brain. However, leptin levels rise as fat stores expand. That is a problem, because high levels of leptin can interfere with the brain’s capability to receive the hormone’s hunger-suppressing signals. That is where African Mango comes in. It helps ease the excess of this hormone, so the brain can get these slimming signals. In addition, the extract is loaded with antioxidants that ease internal inflammation, which is a key benefit, since inflammation interferes with leptin’s ability to control hunger. Research also suggests that African Mango can support the slowing down of the rate of carbohydrate absorption, therefore, reducing the caloric impact of sugary and starchy foods.


The Latest African Mango Research

The most recent research discloses the fascinating way in which African Mango can fight fat. In an up to date study, researchers discovered that the extract can reduce the action of a gene that is recognized as a regulator of the growth of fat cells. African Mango improves the action of leptin and this plays a crucial role in optimizing metabolism and controlling appetite. The extract has been shown to support leptin sensitivity in overweight individuals. Recent research has demonstrated beneficial effects in leptin levels that lead to losing inches and weight. Individuals all over the world are finding out just how potent the supplement is.

According to America’s best-loved cardiologist, the famous Dr. Oz, African Mango is a breakthrough discovery in weight loss. It is referred to as a miracle that can help individuals lose weight. Studies cited on show that individuals who supplemented their diet with African mango extract lost approximately 10 pounds in four weeks without making any changes to their diet and exercise routines. Individuals in the real world have reported losing even more, as much 11 pounds in one week. Dr. Oz also announced on his TV show that he is a big fan of the miracle African Mango for its ability to lower cholesterol. African Mango has a wonderful bonus; it can lower LDL cholesterol by 46 percent in just four weeks. Because the seeds are an excellent source of fiber the extract actually acts like a super-potent fiber, isolating cholesterol and removing it from the body.

Start slimming today by supplementing your diet with African Mango extract daily. This has been shown to assist in decreasing waist circumference and weight. But it is important to use care when choosing which supplement to take. Some products do not contain the extract that research has shown to be beneficial. One that does is African Mango Plus, a product that is blended with additional powerful fat-fighting compounds. Based on clinical data the supplement supports weight loss of 28 pounds or more in 10 weeks. African Mango has been scientifically proven to help lose weight, increase metabolism, increase fat oxidation, fight fatigue and increase energy.