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Are the African Mango Reviews Accurate?

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African Mango, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, is a tree that originates in West and Central Africa. This fruit is very nutritious, but it’s the seeds that are inside the fruit of this tree that are the treasures. The seeds are what is used in weight loss supplements. The seeds are ground up and turned into an extract. Studies show that it helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels in addition to assisting individuals with weight loss. In this connection, the African Mango Plus supplement is one product that is very popular nowadays. Certainly, it is a weight loss supplement that help everyone to lose weight. However, how accurate is the African Mango Plus?

Initially, researchers believed that the antioxidants were responsible for the weight loss encountered, until the 2009 study. This is a study that you can reference for accurate information on the African Mango Plus: In 2009, African Mango was taken alone twice a day. It helped individuals to lose weight and remove up to 6″ in their waist in 10 weeks, while the control group did not lose any weight. In this same study, the researchers then combined the African Mango with another extract from the Veldt Grape, also called Devil’s Backbone. This combination proved to increase the weight loss substantially. The report reveals that the supplement should be effective in treating obesity and its related complications. The study also showed that the African Mango extracts has a natural ability to act as a very strong appetite suppressant.

African Mango Research shows real results

Another study is the Oben research group in Cameroon published the results of their initial weight loss study in 2005 (Ngondi et al. 2005). Twenty-eight subjects took the seed extract (IG, not yet trademarked), 3 capsules of 350 milligrams each, three times daily, one-half hour before meals. The total intake was 3.15 grams per day (1.05 grams x3). Twelve control subjects took an equivalent amount of placebo derived from oat bran. All subjects were instructed to eat a low fat diet and limit their intake to 1800 Calories per day. The study ran for one month. The main results showed an average weight loss in the IG-treatment group of 5.6 percent after one month. In comparison, the control group lost an average of 2.23 percent during the same time period. All results were statistically significant. The IG-treatment group, in comparison with the control group, also had significant decreases in total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and triglycerides, and an increase in HDL-cholesterol.

A later study using a larger group of overweight volunteers produced even better results. People who took African mango supplements had smaller waists, lower body weight and reduced levels of body fat. They had more beneficial cholesterol, blood sugar, leptin, C-reactive protein and Adiponectin levels when compared to people who did not take African mango. These two studies show that using this type of supplement could be a real help for weight loss.For a significant percentage of users, it provides energy and improved metabolism indicators while reducing body fat, the  African Mango Plus is definitely a viable choice for losing weight.

Results Of African Mango Clinical Testing

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The locals in Africa in West Africa have been using African Mango for medicinal purposes. Although there are no proper studies conducted, it has been known by natives to cure diseases like headaches, skin problems and even tooth pain. After decades and decades of believing of the benefits catered by the weight loss attribute of this tree, only recently researchers discovered the real benefits for the plant. The African Mango diet is the newest diet trend that has proven to support high metabolism, reduce belly fat, shirk waist and get the curves that you dreamed for so long. After decades and decades of believing of the benefits catered by this herbal tree, only recently researchers discovered the real benefits for the plant in weight loss.

Are the African Mango reviews accurate? A study conducted in 2009 by Lipids in Health, and Diseases showed participants who took African Mango daily for about 10 weeks experienced a great improvement with their weight problems. There are visible results from the experiment to the participants such as weight reduction (average of 28.16lbs.), increase metabolism (participant’s experienced great amount of sweating), and reduced waistline. All of this can make you lose weight effectively and safely.


African Mangoes Have Been Oficially Tested With Amazing Results!

Clinical studies performed in Cameroon University showed a decrease in weight of 12.3 lbs. in eight weeks, at the same time lowering cholesterol levels by 39% in the same time frame. Remember, in these African Mango clinical studies it was found that participants lost weight, their waist circumference was reduced, and cholesterol levels were reduced. And this was with no exercise routine, only the intake of the supplement. You will lose weight when using African Mango pills, even if you do not follow any exercise routine, results will just be much better when following a regular exercise routine, and you will be amazed at the amount of weight you’ll lose.
The scientific studies that have been undertaken on the African Mango to prove its weight loss claims have shown that there are no side effects caused. One researcher even went so far as to say that the “African Mango extract is all-natural and there have been no known serious side effects during clinically trials.” Many people choose African Mango because of its natural weight loss property and safeness. Along with this recommendation, the world-renowned Dr. Oz has recommended the use of this fruit too. When reviewed on his TV show, he stated there were no side effects either.

Another study conducted by Dr. Julius E. Obez suggested that the supplement could offer a “useful tool” for battling the growing worldwide problem of obesity and its related sickness. Aside from the fact that African Mango Diet is now very famous for treating obesity disorders, there are other health and nutrition benefits in line with this rare fruit.

African Mango Fruit Aids Fat Reduction

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African Mango fruitThe fruit of the African Mango might possibly be one of the greatest breakthroughs in the health and diet industry in recent years. Basically this kind of Mango comes from Africa and is also called the West African Mango that grows naturally in Cameroon African rainforests. Irvingia gabonensis is the scientific name of the African Mango which helps in weight loss, cholesterol management and provides an array of other benefits too. As of today, companies are trying to make the African mango fruit to be used in commercial use and this has become one of the most talked about plants in the world of herbal products and weight loss industry. Recent results of African Mango clinical testing show that this fruit has the ability to provide numerous health benefits.

Powerful Weight Reduction Properties

How does the African Mango work in fat reduction? The answer is simple. This fruit has extraordinary weight loss properties and nutrients that act as a natural diet supplement. It is an appetite suppressor. The African Mango fruit has the capacity to increase the number or the count of Leptin in your body. Leptin is the hormone that controls your food intake. When your body detects that there is not enough Leptin in your system then that’s the time that you feel hungry. In other words, by increasing the Leptin level in your body, you will feel “full” throughout that day which in turn will help you lose fats in the most natural and safe way. African Mangos are naturally filling and when we increase our consumption of high fiber foods like the African Mango fruit, we take in fewer calories.

The Mango Fruit Is Full Of Fibre

The African Mango fruit is also a fiber type of plant. Fibers are very important in making you lose weight because it delays the emptying of your stomach and promotes healthy digestive system. When you have healthy digestive system, nutrients and vitamins are absorbed easily by your body thus promoting weight loss and general wellness. In addition, The African Mango fruit also speeds up the transfer of food through the intestines and also trap water, so it is particularly good in helping prevent constipation. Plus, it is a fact that the African Mango fruit provides intestinal bacteria with a good source of food, thereby helping to maintain the levels of friendly lactobacillus bacteria in your body. These lactobacillus bacteria are very essential to your continuing good health since it helps to keep the population of harmful bacteria under control.

The African Mango fruit has many connecting advantages. In fact, this fruit is essential in lowering down the blood cholesterol levels in your body thus helping you to reduce the incidence and severity of coronary heart disease. In addition, the African Mango fruit can reduce the number of bad cholesterol and increases the number of good cholesterol in your body. The African Mango fruit also helps in the slow absorption of glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream and so they help to keep blood-sugar levels more even throughout the day. Overall, natural weight loss supplements like African Mango diet pills are available in the market today, but you must understand that the African Mango fruit only works with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

African Mango Tree In Weight Loss

25 April 2012 | 1 Comment » | Admin

African Mango Tree

The African Mango tree produces an amazing fruit which is developing a world famous reputation. African Mango Fruit has the ability to help your body shed unwanted weight and at the same time reduce cholesterol. Pretty amazing stuff!  This type of Mango is the African Mango or the Irvingia gabonensis that is very common in some parts of Africa. It has been around for a long time and has garnered many users when Oprah and Dr. Oz recommended it to the viewers. These two people are America’s famous talk show hosts that talk about issues such as  medical and personal health. In fact, they are included in the 100 most influential people. No wonder that the African Mango tree is the number weight loss pill today.

African Mangoes are becoming well known for reducing weight. The African Mango works by suppressing your appetite and making you lose weight by burning fat through the process of thermogenesis. As of today, it is being called a “breakthrough supplement” and a “super potent fiber”.  The African Mango tree is perfectly suitable for people who want to lose weight and suffering from cardiovascular problems, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.

The Diet Pill Starts In The Tree

One of the most exciting things about African Mango supplements is that the diet pill doesn’t include any significant unwanted side effects. As we all know, people are switching from synthetic diet pill to natural diet supplements because it is more effective and safer to use. The African Mango tree is loaded with nutrients and vitamins that researchers claimed to be effective in weight loss. The antioxidant content in the supplement provides wellness and protection to your body. It can actually boost your immune system while making you slim.

The tribesmen in Africa (where this now famous tree is a native plant) have been using the seeds for centuries. The natives in Africa discovered that the seeds helped keep them nourished and prevented hunger, thus they would take the seed before hunting for animals. The African Mango tree is an appetite suppressant and it means that it can make you feel “full” for a longer period of time because of its weight loss property and the potent fiber it contains.

African Mango Nuts

Of all parts of the African Mango tree, the nuts are the most usable. It is used as a thickening powder for sauces and soups. It is also commonly used as an added ingredient for smoothies to make thicker solutions. Aside from its physical usage, the nut in the African Mango tree has been proven to have a big impression on general levels of LDL cholesterol in your body. It simply regulates a healthy number of cholesterol levels. The African Mango tree nuts are also indicated to stabilize the production of insulin level thus it promotes a healthier body for a diabetic person.

Irvingia Gabonensis Extract

9 February 2012 | 1 Comment » | Admin

Irvingia gabonensis extract is the reason why African mango plus  has become so popular! Irvingia gabonensis extract or commonly known as African mango extract is the most basic ingredients of African mango plus and it has been said to be efficient when it comes to making your body healthy and as well as promoting weight loss too. There are many effective weight loss supplements today but how do supplements made from irvingia gabonensis extract differ from the rest? It is obvious that other weight loss supplements come from different fruits that are known to have weight loss properties such as berries – blueberries, acai berries and even grapefruits too. In the case of irvingia gabonensis extract, the supplement is a product from the fruit of the African mango tree – a type of mango that grows in east Africa.

Did you know that irvingia gabonensis extract is not that easy to obtain? To get irvingia gabonensis extract, one has to let the African mango undergo a meticulous process. The process should be thorough and safe so as to ensure that you are getting the irvingia gabonensis extract in its truest form. An ordinary person with no knowledge about how to process the African mango the right way should not consider doing the process all by himself.

Irvingia Gabonensis Is Safely Extracted By Professionals

Health experts and professionals are the only persons licensed to do the process of extracting, as they can ensure a safe extraction. The moment that irvingia gabonensis extract is obtained, experts will then process it to transform it into different forms of weight loss supplement product like pills, juices and even powder. That way, people from different countries can now purchase a weight loss supplement made from irvingia gabonensis extract.

It is not surprising to know that some people have doubt. Who wouldn’t? There are a lot of scams today – supplements claiming to be effective and promises weight loss within a short period of time – and later realized that those are actually ineffective products. It’s not just about the money involved, but the of false hopes too. You have been frustrated with finding ways to shed your extra pounds and using fake weight loss supplement will only frustrate you more.

African Mango Plus Contains The Extract

But when you use irvingia gabonensis extract, you can be sure that you are on the right track. Products that contain irvingia gabonensis extract like African Mango Plus will ensure you of a positive result especially when you also do your part. Irvingia gabonensis extract will only be effective when you continue to do your fitness regimen. Irvingia gabonensis extract might have all the substances and properties that can allow you to lose weight but relying on that alone will not give you success. You also need to exercise and eat healthily. After all, irvingia gabonensis extract is not a magic stick that can burn your fats and calories without lifting any of your fingers – more so, African mango is also not a magic fruit that makes you lose weight overnight.

The fact still remains that for you to be able to lose weight, you need to burn more calories and nothing is more effective than exercise, and for you to ensure that you are burning more calories than your calorie intake, watch the food that you eat. Do not eat foods loaded with lots of calories. When you do this you can be sure that irvingia gabonensis extract will work effectively because apart from your effort to intake less calories, African mango Plus will also boost your metabolism. Now isn’t it a great thing? Irvingia gabonensis extract is simply amazing!