New Weight Loss Strategies

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Conquering and reversing obesity  is one of the most difficult challenges the world has faced and is still facing through the years. In every country, there is definitely a certain percentage among its population whose weight management techniques have been closed to extinction – if not because of their ineffectiveness, it’s due to their ability to do more harm than good. Some drug and supplement manufacturing companies and laboratories tend to take advantage of the world’s obsession about weight loss than to actually engage in the advocacy to restore and sustain good health.  That is why it is crucial that you do your research first before completely committing to a weight slimming program, whatever that may include.

Lately, there is a growing need in the market for the use of African Mango Plus,  a supplement made from  the African mango fruit found in Cameroon, Africa. The seed of which called Dikka nut, has been found to contain natural properties that may aid in the burning of fats, thus, making you slimmer. The dikka nut is extracted to create a pill that will serve as a diet supplement that has no harmful chemical elements; only natural ingredients ensuring that the product is safe when ingested. The special content of the mango is actually called Irvingia Gabonensis, the seed extract that does all the weight-losing functions. African Mango Plus has also been found out, through research and studies, to aid in increasing the amount of Leptin in the body, a protein hormone whose function is to regulate metabolism.

Aside from increasing metabolism in aid of weight loss, African Mango Plus also helps intensify fat oxidation in the body, fight fatigue and provide extra energy. It has active ingredients: Chromium, Green tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine, African Mango extract and L-Theanine as well as inactive ones: Gelatin and Cellulose.

The effectiveness of the supplement lies in the seed. Aside from containing the Irvingia Gabonensis extract, these dikka nuts are not the usual nuts we encounter: it is rich in Fiber, Protein, Calcium and a lot more essential fatty acids that have roles of their own in keeping the body from retaining extra weight.  Fiber is actually your partner in good health: it functions as the body’s cleanser so that toxins will be washed out. It will be better for anyone, either engaged in a weight loss program or not, to increase his or her daily fiber intake. Not only do you get close to achieving your dream supermodel figure, you are also giving your body a favor that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Now available for people of Australia to purchase, African Mango Plus promises a diverse approach to wellness. It’s not just another diet pill that causes confusion in the body; it focuses on the removal of unwanted wastes and fat. It is safe, which is proven by the 15-year existence of the company responsible for the production of these diet supplements.

You can start your program with the pills by choosing one of these offers: A 6-month supply will be yours if you buy 3 months supply; the other half of the six months package will be given to you for free. Original price is $279.00; now $139.33. A 3-month supply will be waiting for you as well; if you purchase 2 months worth of African Mango Plus, you get 1 for free for $92.87 from the original price of $140.00. If you’re just newly trying anything at all, get one month supply for $46.41.

Is African Mango All Just A Scam?

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Now, just because there are scams out there and a new diet program pops into existence it seems every week, it doesn’t mean all of them are bad. In fact, some include some pretty credible science and claims and are just inexpensive and easy enough to try that just about anyone can give them a whirl to test them out. Such is the case with the newly touted “African Mango”.

A lot more people, who’ve attempted to use this item worldwide, think African mango is the fantastic treatment for overweight, however it’s absolutely no magic remedy. The fruit actively works to accelerate the body’s metabolic process, which often can help cleanse the body and burn up much more calories. If a person has a slower metabolic process it may suggest bad digestive function, and lead them to not obtain very much energy from the meals they consume, which once again causes it to be hard for the body to lose fat.

African Mango increases leptin hormone levels

It works in a couple of different, related ways. Its main role is to target a hormone found inside our body called the ‘leptin’. The African Mango extracts increases the body’s level of Leptin. Leptin is a hormone made by our fat cells that’s responsible for acting on receptors in our brain to reduce our appetite. It signals to the brain that the body has had enough to eat. So with increased Leptin from African Mango extract, our brain think we’re fuller for longer without having to deal with the potential bloatedness of actually being fuller for longer! This of course means that we eat less, and lose weight. Leptin plays a huge part in controlling our energy intake and outtake, and increasing its production as African Mango extract does, increasing our metabolism. Obese people build up a resistance to leptin production, making it an especially appropriate type of weight loss.

Furthermore, Dr. Oz. titled African Mango as a “cutting edge supplement” and also a “wonder inside your remedies that can assist you to lose 12 pounds or more than that.” His studies and researches revealing that African Mango truly works as an extremely-powerful fiber. And due to this, it’s very beneficial in controlling the cholesterol level of your body.

Make sure to read the ingredients and do your homework, because if you get the real deal, you may just lose a few pounds yourself. The claims were substantiated on the good Dr’s show when one of the other doctors on the show, Dr. Tanya Edwards, tried African Mango Diet pills for one week. Much to her surprise, she lost a total of 7 pounds without having changed anything about her diet or exercise routine. That seems a pretty sizable amount of weight to lose for only taking a single pill.

Are the African Mango Reviews Accurate?

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African Mango, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, is a tree that originates in West and Central Africa. This fruit is very nutritious, but it’s the seeds that are inside the fruit of this tree that are the treasures. The seeds are what is used in weight loss supplements. The seeds are ground up and turned into an extract. Studies show that it helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels in addition to assisting individuals with weight loss. In this connection, the African Mango Plus supplement is one product that is very popular nowadays. Certainly, it is a weight loss supplement that help everyone to lose weight. However, how accurate is the African Mango Plus?

Initially, researchers believed that the antioxidants were responsible for the weight loss encountered, until the 2009 study. This is a study that you can reference for accurate information on the African Mango Plus: In 2009, African Mango was taken alone twice a day. It helped individuals to lose weight and remove up to 6″ in their waist in 10 weeks, while the control group did not lose any weight. In this same study, the researchers then combined the African Mango with another extract from the Veldt Grape, also called Devil’s Backbone. This combination proved to increase the weight loss substantially. The report reveals that the supplement should be effective in treating obesity and its related complications. The study also showed that the African Mango extracts has a natural ability to act as a very strong appetite suppressant.

African Mango Research shows real results

Another study is the Oben research group in Cameroon published the results of their initial weight loss study in 2005 (Ngondi et al. 2005). Twenty-eight subjects took the seed extract (IG, not yet trademarked), 3 capsules of 350 milligrams each, three times daily, one-half hour before meals. The total intake was 3.15 grams per day (1.05 grams x3). Twelve control subjects took an equivalent amount of placebo derived from oat bran. All subjects were instructed to eat a low fat diet and limit their intake to 1800 Calories per day. The study ran for one month. The main results showed an average weight loss in the IG-treatment group of 5.6 percent after one month. In comparison, the control group lost an average of 2.23 percent during the same time period. All results were statistically significant. The IG-treatment group, in comparison with the control group, also had significant decreases in total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and triglycerides, and an increase in HDL-cholesterol.

A later study using a larger group of overweight volunteers produced even better results. People who took African mango supplements had smaller waists, lower body weight and reduced levels of body fat. They had more beneficial cholesterol, blood sugar, leptin, C-reactive protein and Adiponectin levels when compared to people who did not take African mango. These two studies show that using this type of supplement could be a real help for weight loss.For a significant percentage of users, it provides energy and improved metabolism indicators while reducing body fat, the  African Mango Plus is definitely a viable choice for losing weight.

Green Tea Extract In African Mango Plus

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African Mango Plus includes green tea extract as one of its secondary ingredients. The extract is one of the most high-powered ingredients in the African mango diet pills that provides maximum health benefits, especially to those who want to maintain a slimmer figure, gorgeous skin, and healthy body. According to the 10-year study, the primary ingredient is powerful enough to respond to obesity. The diet supplement is slowly recognized to be the number of one fat burner, appetite suppressor, and immune system booster, rolled into one.

Green tea is derived from the same plant as black tea (Camellia Sinensis). It differs; however, in how the leaves are prepared and fermented, providing benefits not seen in black tea. Portions of the active compounds are destroyed in black tea, but remain active in the green variety. These active constituents have a significant effect on body fat, accelerating both the loss of stored fat and reducing fat storage itself.

The Chinese has recognized the green tea extracts’ benefits and been using it for not less than 4000 years. Well, what is in it that makes it so hugely beneficial to our health? The secret is the presence of Catechin Polyphenol, particularly EpiGalloCatechin Gallate (EGCG) in it. EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant, which in simple terms means that it reduces inflammation very effectively. It puts up a formidable fight against cancer cells and systematically inhibits their growth. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, it contains carotenoids, tocopherols, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), minerals such as chromium, zinc, manganese, selenium, and other phytochemical compounds.
Furthermore, it is known to lower LDL cholesterol levels, which is popularly known as harmful fat. To sum up, appropriate dosages of this tea can benefit people with most of the life-threatening diseases, which include cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high-cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, infection and impaired immune function.

Green Tea Speeds up your Metabolic Rate

Green tea for weight loss is a helpful in in practicing both existing and new weight loss strategies, and any weight management approach. The tea extracts speeds up metabolism and an active fat burner as well. It also has antibiotic properties that destroy bad bacteria in the stomach. The extract contains polyphenol that provides tremendous health benefits when taken regularly. It aids in digestion, anti aging, and strengthens the immune system. The body with strong immune systems can fight risks of cancers, including prostate in men, pancreas, colon, stomach, among others. These are a few of the most essential health benefits of weight loss green tea extract.

Overall, the extract, when used in weight management may not be sufficient, the African mango extracts combines with green tea extract becomes the most powerful aid for weight management. In fact, three months of supplementation alone, without any diet or exercise, has also been shown to accelerate weight loss and reduce waist size. Studies such as these have suggested that as well as boosting the metabolic rate, green tea extracts can help to block the absorption of fat. In other words, not only does this extract help you to lose the fat you’ve already got, it also reduces the amount of fat you digest and store on your waist, thighs and hips.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By African Mango

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So the worst has happened, and you have been scammed by African Mango products. Surely it cannot be that African Mango is just a scam? It is a horrible sinking feeling when you have lost money and time. When you have just realized you have been scammed, you are at a very low point and therefore, is a much easier target for scammers. It is a horrible cycle. So, after you get scammed, know the simple things to do.

First, don’t panic. I know; this will most likely happen at first. However, after a few days when you have had a chance to recover a little and get a breath of air – count your blessings. This may seem impossible to do and may take some time, especially if your loss is large and/or is of sentimental value. Talk about this with friends or family, a trusted clergy member or therapist. Talking about your loss with someone you trust is therapeutic and will help to alleviate the stress you are feeling. It will also help to offset some of the stigma, embarrassment and guilt associated with these types of crimes.

Detail the transaction. To the best of your ability, detail exactly what was stated, the phone calls that were made and at what time, and how long they lasted, print out all relevant emails, assemble all mailings and documentation you received. Write down everything that was said to you and even what you thought they meant by what they said. Be sure to note your thoughts as thoughts only, not what was actually stated. If you have the technical savvy and if the scam involves the internet, obtain screen shots of each website involved and get visitor statistics for each.

Some African Mango brands have re-ivented themselves – but they are still Scams!

If you want to avoid becoming a victim of a scam, then you should make sure you take the time to research the many different brands that are available. There are many companies online who are only looking for you to sign up to their auto-ship program. Where each month you will be charged for a product that you won’t want or need. Do they offer free trial? Most of the legitimate websites will offer a free trial offer so that the member can see and experience the service for free before they decide to part with their money. Often these types of programs are hard to get out of, as their small print on how to cancel is difficult to understand. Remember, quitting your free trial should be made easy for the customer, and without being billed on your credit card.
You can register a complaint with “TheSqueakyWheel” website. It will be seen by thousands of entrepreneurs nationally and internationally. This will prevent others being scammed, and you can also check whether others too have been scammed. Scammers are masters of the art and know the weaknesses of the innocent and the gullible users of the computer and the internet. If the offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t get sucked in by the hype. You certainly don’t want to be the victim of a scam.

African Mango Plus Review

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African Mango Plus has been formulated to meet the requirements of dieters who are after the best results in weeks. Consequently, these special dietary pills have undergone careful studies, and it was found out that they are effective in eliminating excess fats in the body that are found in the legs, thighs, belly and the waist. Thus, it will not come as a surprise if these special pills are selling like hotcakes. They are true to their promise of making you lose weight instantly and easily. Here we tackle about the ingredients in this supplement to better understand how it works.

Understanding a product is the first step in learning how it works. Naturally, the main ingredient is Mango. Each capsule contains 150mg of it. This diet pill works best in people with slow metabolism; these are people who are not able to burn fat fast. Research has proven there are elements within it that can significantly increase metabolism. This is achieved by producing heat. Another thing is that it is high in fiber, which will lower cholesterol levels.

African Mango Plus is Packed Full of Minerals

It is loaded with Chromium. It is an essential mineral that is needed for energy and maintains stable blood sugar. It is not made by the body so it obtained from diets. Chromium is highly recommended to people who suffer from overweight and high cholesterol as it supports normal cholesterol level. It stimulates the central nervous system, and tannins, which combat diarrhea. Furthermore, it is very effective appetite suppressant. Another ingredient in the African Mango diet pill is L-Theanine, in 8mg. l-L- Theanine, when used with caffeine, can reduce mental and physical stress, as well as increase cognition and mood. This substance is credited with a number of health benefits but most notable is its ability to regulate blood pressure and calm one down.

The African Mango Plus has Green Tea Leaf Extracts. The EGCG in green tea extracts lowers down cholesterol level. The thermogenic effects of this compound will not cause jittery or unwanted side effects to the dieters. Green tea has also been shown to be a strong blood antioxidant and detoxifier that can reduce oxidative damage to LDL that can lead to the development of atherosclerosis. It can also improve metabolism and reduce fat in the body. Green tea is actually more powerful than Vitamin E when getting rid of antioxidants. There is 135mg of green tea in the Mango Plus diet pill.

This supplement contains extract of the African Mango, an ingredient that has been proven to reduce fat, as well as several other active ingredients. The diet pill also offers chromium; green tea leaf extracts, caffeine, L-Theanine and EGCG, all of which are intended to improve health, increase metabolism and reduce fatigue. It’s important to note that anyone who is healthy enough to consume coffee or tea, however, should have no serious problems from taking African mango Plus. However, side Effects of the product include allergic reaction to the seed extracts. See a doctor and take allergy test, before taking the pills. Another side effect can overtake as a sign that the detoxification process is happening. During the detoxification process, the toxins leave the system, and a person may feel feverish for a few days.

How To Avoid African Mango Scams

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You want to conduct your own research on African Mango Scam? Wow! That’s cool. I salute you. As of today, there are hundreds of African Mango products available in juice, tablet, extract, capsule and powder-form. They are all claiming to be the best; to be your right choice. But how do you know that the African Mango product you are going to buy fits your needs and interests? How do we know that it’s just an African Mango Scam?

First things first, you need a find a trusted brand. African Mango Scam maybe a very “in” thing for scammers lately but if you are a wise buyer, you will never be scammed. Most African Mango products are being sold in a generally high value. You need to buy a brand that the selling price is NOT extremely low compared to other African Mango pills. Of course, if the manufacturers using the right amount and quality of the ingredients, then why sell it in a very low price? This is simple logic, my friend. Here’s the interesting part, most African Mango fake products are likely to have the lowest price in the market. You should weigh the price with the benefits and make the best out of it.

The second thins is that you need customer’s feedback. Consumer’s feedback is just around the tip of your hands. You can make research, search for feedbacks online and then decide if you think that the product is worth the try. Alternatively, you can ask your office mates about the brand they are using; this way, you will have a better view of the products. You need to take down notes of the benefits you can gain from it. Not every African mango product is created with equal quality. You also need to know what to expect from the product so that you will be prepared from any harmful side-effects like bloating, skin rashes, etc.

Not All African Mango Is Government Approved

Another thing to remember is that the FDA approval claim. All supplements, including all kinds of African Mango is NOT FDA approved products. It is a known fact to everyone that supplements are not under the custody of FDA so when you see an African Mango supplement claiming to have a certified FDA approval, be skeptical because it is likely to be a candidate of African Mango Scam. It only means one thing; the product is trying to mislead you; giving you information that is NOT true and realistic. To sum up, do not believe a supplement that has FDA-approval seal. It’s a fake and more likely to be part of a scam.

And the last thing? You need check about the company’s background of the product. Look for their facilities. Just check if it’s safe and properly regulated by the law. You can also research on the Quality Control Procedures of the company. It is to be noted that most African Mango Scam or other product scams do not have effective quality guidelines or procedures they are following. Furthermore, when buying to unknown seller, you might also get scammed. You have made the payment online, but they will not send you the product. The best thing to do before you buy African Mango products is to know the real deal of the product and the seller. If you have already been scammed by African Mango then you need to take action quickly. Start by cancelling your credit card.

Results Of African Mango Clinical Testing

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The locals in Africa in West Africa have been using African Mango for medicinal purposes. Although there are no proper studies conducted, it has been known by natives to cure diseases like headaches, skin problems and even tooth pain. After decades and decades of believing of the benefits catered by the weight loss attribute of this tree, only recently researchers discovered the real benefits for the plant. The African Mango diet is the newest diet trend that has proven to support high metabolism, reduce belly fat, shirk waist and get the curves that you dreamed for so long. After decades and decades of believing of the benefits catered by this herbal tree, only recently researchers discovered the real benefits for the plant in weight loss.

Are the African Mango reviews accurate? A study conducted in 2009 by Lipids in Health, and Diseases showed participants who took African Mango daily for about 10 weeks experienced a great improvement with their weight problems. There are visible results from the experiment to the participants such as weight reduction (average of 28.16lbs.), increase metabolism (participant’s experienced great amount of sweating), and reduced waistline. All of this can make you lose weight effectively and safely.


African Mangoes Have Been Oficially Tested With Amazing Results!

Clinical studies performed in Cameroon University showed a decrease in weight of 12.3 lbs. in eight weeks, at the same time lowering cholesterol levels by 39% in the same time frame. Remember, in these African Mango clinical studies it was found that participants lost weight, their waist circumference was reduced, and cholesterol levels were reduced. And this was with no exercise routine, only the intake of the supplement. You will lose weight when using African Mango pills, even if you do not follow any exercise routine, results will just be much better when following a regular exercise routine, and you will be amazed at the amount of weight you’ll lose.
The scientific studies that have been undertaken on the African Mango to prove its weight loss claims have shown that there are no side effects caused. One researcher even went so far as to say that the “African Mango extract is all-natural and there have been no known serious side effects during clinically trials.” Many people choose African Mango because of its natural weight loss property and safeness. Along with this recommendation, the world-renowned Dr. Oz has recommended the use of this fruit too. When reviewed on his TV show, he stated there were no side effects either.

Another study conducted by Dr. Julius E. Obez suggested that the supplement could offer a “useful tool” for battling the growing worldwide problem of obesity and its related sickness. Aside from the fact that African Mango Diet is now very famous for treating obesity disorders, there are other health and nutrition benefits in line with this rare fruit.

Smart Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

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The number of people looking for guidance on how to lose weight healthily is increasing every day. Primarily, this is because of the tons and tons of models that bombard us everyday when we watch television, when we read magazines, or when we are just walking through the street. Many would like to be really skinny. But to learn how to shed some pounds effectively is not just about shedding off pounds – it is more of becoming healthy. Successful weight loss can be done independently by making wise choices. There are five smart ways to lose weight.

A great place to start is with portion control and the number of meals as a useful way of how to eat to lose weight. One effective method is to use smaller plates, such as a dessert plate or a saucer. If a person only fills a plate of that size, the portion will be more reasonable and conducive to cutting calories. Research shows that this technique works for at most 70% of all dieters. In addition, eating five smaller meals as opposed to three larger meals is also effective in helping you lose weight. With this way, you’ll gain lesser fats and consume lesser calories. Also, a person should learn to eat when he or she is hungry and not be ruled by the conventional times that everyone eats, if possible.

Drinking Water Is A Great Way To Start Weight Loss

Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. This is essential in helping you lose weight. This is on top of juice or milk that you are going to drink. There is no better substitute for water but water itself. The body needs to be constantly hydrated in order to effectively metabolize fats; drinking a glass of water before eating can help your digestive system to work properly and can even make you feel full even before eating. This way you can lessen the portion of your meal by a considerable amount. Water is a good way to shed off some pounds. It will naturally cleanse your system and help you get rid of unhealthy substance and toxins in your body which in turn help you lose weight.

Another good thing is that you need to read carefully. Food items can be found all over, ready to be picked by you. But do not be deceived by the flashy “sugar free”, “fat free”, “low calorie”, “salt free” and “low fat” labels that you can see. Make sure to read the labels carefully. They may be low in fat but rich in calorie or vice versa. You should be wise enough not to be deceived easily by soda products claiming to be sugar free but high in calorie content. The key in reducing weight is to reduce in calorie intake – always remember that. So, before you eat something, research and make a list of the number of calories of every food. In this way, you can determine how much calorie you take and that surely can help you a lot in making you lose weight.

Get Support For Your Weight Loss Goals

Join a group of people with a similar weight loss goal is also a big plus if you want to lose weight. Social support is very important when trying to lose excessive body weight. Whether these persons are from your family, an outside support group or even friends, it is very important if you are going to get lasting results. Like the saying goes, nobody is an island. This is very true especially to people who aimed in losing weight. We need people who can make comments and can lift up our spirit to continue our weight goal. Another thing when it comes to helping you lose weight is that you need to take the necessary and natural supplement like the African Mango Plus which is available world-wide. Many people are very satisfied with this product. Check out out African Mango Plus review. In fact, it has been known to support a healthy and effective way to help dieters lose weight naturally and safely.

Weight Loss Supplements That Safely Burn Fats

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Millions of people have started using weight loss supplements like acai berry in order to lose weight with proven results. Firstly, acai berry is a great source of antioxidants. An antioxidant helps gives molecules called ‘free radicals’ what they need to survive. This is incredibly important because if the free radicals in your body don’t get what they need, they could end up stealing it from other cells in your body and are a key cause of serious illnesses such as cancer. Plus, this weight loss supplement can also keep you healthy and full of energy on a day to day basis.Dr. Oz, a frequent guest on the Oprah Show, praised acai for its powerful antioxidant properties and the ability for it to help us fight against free radicals and aging.

The African Mango contains is an all-natural formula that is a nutritional weight loss supplement which supports the natural shedding of body fat. It can also increase your metabolism and raise energy levels. It is a safe and smart way to help you start losing weight naturally. During any weight loss program, it will help you feel better, since it is used to help your body make serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps control appetite, helps your body manufacture the proper hormones, and even aids in sleep pattern and controlling moods. Many dieters who take the African Mango weight loss supplements claim that it does help as an appetite suppressant. It can also boost metabolism and decrease your appetite. Your metabolism is important because it impacts on how much energy your body is consuming when at rest.

The Maqui Berry Increase In Popularity

The Maqui berry weight loss supplements have been gaining popularity in recent years. It is based on the Maqui berry fruit which is a native of the Patagonia region in Argentina and Chile. Because this area is one of the most fertile in all over the world, the berry is one of best tasting foods around. Aside from its great taste, it has also been found to be the best weight loss supplement anywhere in the planet. In a way of a regular removal of harmful toxins and poisons that build up in your organs over the course of your life, Maqui berries can become your one stop detoxification solution through natural antioxidants. Plus, your immune system will also obtain a huge improvement while you are taking Maqui berries weight loss supplements.

You Need More Than Weight Loss Supplements Alone

You must know that you cannot rely on taking weight loss supplements alone. They only serve as a tool for your body to function well during exercise. You still need to work out and keep yourself active in sports. Weight management or fat loss can be difficult to achieve, it takes pure determination, hard work, and great will power. You may find that it falls off for the first few weeks or even months, and then starts to become a lot harder to shift. You need support. So, if what you are looking for is a weight loss diet pill that can boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite and you want dramatic reduction of toxins in your body, go for Maqui berry, Acai berry or the African Mango weight loss supplements.

Dr. Oz Mango Controls Weight Naturally

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Dr. Oz MangoDr. Oz Mango is a supplement that is recommended for weight loss and healthy living. Its key ingredient is the African Mango seed which can only be found in the rain forest of Africa. This natural supplement helps to boost the metabolism which in turn leads to easier weight loss. The antioxidant property of Dr. Oz suggest that Mangos helps to fight free radicals and keep these organs healthy. It does not only promote healthy weight loss but also improves our overall wellness. This is why Dr. Oz says that Mangos are highly recommended by celebrities, doctors and Health Professionals for anyone who wants to burn fat and lose weight.

The Mangos (latin name is Irvingia gaboneses) has been turned into a high strength pill which is used to stimulate the metabolism and lose weight. It is sold by various companies and often mixed with acai berry or green tea extract to make it even more effective. Mangos help your body melt away unhealthy pounds by suppressing your appetite for junk food and keep your body running smoothly with clean fuel and efficient energy. Plus, the supplement is reported to give your body the extra metabolic kick that it needs to shave off weight quickly. But you need to know that  Mangos can help you shed weight when coupled with any sensible weight-loss plan.

Mangos Are Great For Cholesterol!

There are many things that this supplement can do to your body. Mangos are known to lower cholesterol levels, regulating your cholesterol level, which means increasing good cholesterol in your system while keeping an eye to bad cholesterol. This is very beneficial to many people, especially to people who suffer from heart problems and cardiovascular disorders. Another good thing that Mangos can do for you is that it can help modulate the insulin level in your bloodstream. According to many doctors, the supplement is good for people who are suffering from high blood sugar as well.

Many of the phytonutrients in Mangos have an antioxidant effect: They counter act the natural oxidation in the body that contributes to aging of the tissues and many degenerative illnesses such as cancer, dementia, and damage to the arteries. It helps to boost your immune system because it eliminates the free radicals buildup. Free radicals are very dangerous to your body. In fact, it is the main cause of early aging, ugly skin appearance and other degenerative diseases. By taking Mango, you can prevent any harmful substance or toxins to get inside your body. The supplement has been tagged as the “protector of human body”. As a summary, Mangos can help you lose weight, but you must have proper nutrition to keep you energetic, and active.

Mangoes Are A “Superfruit”

The chemicals in Mangos (apart from vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients) have a beneficial effect on your body. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them, and they have effects such as antioxidants, boosting the immune system, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, cellular repair and weight loss. No wonder that many dieticians and doctors are hooked to the African Mango. Plus, Mangos come with no side effects and complications and offered in a money back guarantee.

African Mango Fruit Aids Fat Reduction

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African Mango fruitThe fruit of the African Mango might possibly be one of the greatest breakthroughs in the health and diet industry in recent years. Basically this kind of Mango comes from Africa and is also called the West African Mango that grows naturally in Cameroon African rainforests. Irvingia gabonensis is the scientific name of the African Mango which helps in weight loss, cholesterol management and provides an array of other benefits too. As of today, companies are trying to make the African mango fruit to be used in commercial use and this has become one of the most talked about plants in the world of herbal products and weight loss industry. Recent results of African Mango clinical testing show that this fruit has the ability to provide numerous health benefits.

Powerful Weight Reduction Properties

How does the African Mango work in fat reduction? The answer is simple. This fruit has extraordinary weight loss properties and nutrients that act as a natural diet supplement. It is an appetite suppressor. The African Mango fruit has the capacity to increase the number or the count of Leptin in your body. Leptin is the hormone that controls your food intake. When your body detects that there is not enough Leptin in your system then that’s the time that you feel hungry. In other words, by increasing the Leptin level in your body, you will feel “full” throughout that day which in turn will help you lose fats in the most natural and safe way. African Mangos are naturally filling and when we increase our consumption of high fiber foods like the African Mango fruit, we take in fewer calories.

The Mango Fruit Is Full Of Fibre

The African Mango fruit is also a fiber type of plant. Fibers are very important in making you lose weight because it delays the emptying of your stomach and promotes healthy digestive system. When you have healthy digestive system, nutrients and vitamins are absorbed easily by your body thus promoting weight loss and general wellness. In addition, The African Mango fruit also speeds up the transfer of food through the intestines and also trap water, so it is particularly good in helping prevent constipation. Plus, it is a fact that the African Mango fruit provides intestinal bacteria with a good source of food, thereby helping to maintain the levels of friendly lactobacillus bacteria in your body. These lactobacillus bacteria are very essential to your continuing good health since it helps to keep the population of harmful bacteria under control.

The African Mango fruit has many connecting advantages. In fact, this fruit is essential in lowering down the blood cholesterol levels in your body thus helping you to reduce the incidence and severity of coronary heart disease. In addition, the African Mango fruit can reduce the number of bad cholesterol and increases the number of good cholesterol in your body. The African Mango fruit also helps in the slow absorption of glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream and so they help to keep blood-sugar levels more even throughout the day. Overall, natural weight loss supplements like African Mango diet pills are available in the market today, but you must understand that the African Mango fruit only works with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

African Mango Tree In Weight Loss

25 April 2012 | 1 Comment »

African Mango Tree

The African Mango tree produces an amazing fruit which is developing a world famous reputation. African Mango Fruit has the ability to help your body shed unwanted weight and at the same time reduce cholesterol. Pretty amazing stuff!  This type of Mango is the African Mango or the Irvingia gabonensis that is very common in some parts of Africa. It has been around for a long time and has garnered many users when Oprah and Dr. Oz recommended it to the viewers. These two people are America’s famous talk show hosts that talk about issues such as  medical and personal health. In fact, they are included in the 100 most influential people. No wonder that the African Mango tree is the number weight loss pill today.

African Mangoes are becoming well known for reducing weight. The African Mango works by suppressing your appetite and making you lose weight by burning fat through the process of thermogenesis. As of today, it is being called a “breakthrough supplement” and a “super potent fiber”.  The African Mango tree is perfectly suitable for people who want to lose weight and suffering from cardiovascular problems, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.

The Diet Pill Starts In The Tree

One of the most exciting things about African Mango supplements is that the diet pill doesn’t include any significant unwanted side effects. As we all know, people are switching from synthetic diet pill to natural diet supplements because it is more effective and safer to use. The African Mango tree is loaded with nutrients and vitamins that researchers claimed to be effective in weight loss. The antioxidant content in the supplement provides wellness and protection to your body. It can actually boost your immune system while making you slim.

The tribesmen in Africa (where this now famous tree is a native plant) have been using the seeds for centuries. The natives in Africa discovered that the seeds helped keep them nourished and prevented hunger, thus they would take the seed before hunting for animals. The African Mango tree is an appetite suppressant and it means that it can make you feel “full” for a longer period of time because of its weight loss property and the potent fiber it contains.

African Mango Nuts

Of all parts of the African Mango tree, the nuts are the most usable. It is used as a thickening powder for sauces and soups. It is also commonly used as an added ingredient for smoothies to make thicker solutions. Aside from its physical usage, the nut in the African Mango tree has been proven to have a big impression on general levels of LDL cholesterol in your body. It simply regulates a healthy number of cholesterol levels. The African Mango tree nuts are also indicated to stabilize the production of insulin level thus it promotes a healthier body for a diabetic person.

African Mango Australia Weight Loss

10 February 2012 | 2 Comments »

African Mango works in a very strange way. It is not like other diet supplements where the dieters need to undergo some continuous exercise, hunger, hassle in going back and forth to the comfort room and even allow them to experience stomach pain.  Millions of people are already experiencing some illness brought about by being overweight or obese. What is more alarming with the situation is that it is does not choose any age or gender. There are even reported cases of having heart attacks or other chronic diseases because of excessive weight as early as twenty or thirty years old. Who would not panic with the situation? But thankfully, the discovery of African Mango somehow gives a solution to weight loss problem –the mango has some important components for a faster and safer burning of fats and calories. African Mango products are available with Free Product offers (see below) and are a safe way to lose weight.

African Mango is different because it would get the excess fats in the most natural way – through a right and proper digestion and faster metabolism. If you have a proper digestion activity, the possibility of the fats being stored in the stomach is less; hence, it will be discharge every day leaving the body with the exact energy it needed to function properly.

African Mango Speeds Up Your Metabolism

In addition to it, the proper digestion will also make the body free from any digestive trouble. Metabolism is the body’s activity to break down the food that people take in and turn it to energy. So, if you notice, overweight people are having hard time doing stressful activities such as running or even walking long distance, this is likely to happen because their metabolism is too slow and the energy that their body gives is not enough to support such kind of activities so it can only mean one thing: The faster the metabolism, the more energy your body can create energy and use. African Mango products will speed up your metabolism in a healthy, natural way.

African Mango Australia also has some fiber content because of irvingia gabonensis extract. Fiber is responsible for a healthy digestive system. It aids and speeds up the excretion of waste in the body, and it would make sure that it prevented the stocking of the waste in the intestine for too long to avoid any diseases in the stomach. So, without any fiber present in the food, there is a possibility that you will suffer from stomach problems. And this is true especially to those people who are not releasing their body waste regularly – thus the waste will stay in the intestine making their intestine bulge including their stomach. It is a great reason why you should consider using African Mango as it has irvingia gabonensis extract – the main substance responsible for having a regular bowel movement.

You Wont Feel So Hungry

An appetite suppressant is also present in African Mango. When we say strong appetite it talks about a strong desire for food or drinks which is definitely present in people with weight loss problem. They always have an appetite for food that they rarely have control over it. Their mind tells them not to eat such kind of food, but their appetite will dictate them to consume it. Luckily, an appetite suppressant is found out to be present in irvingia gabonensis extract, the main ingredients of African Mango. Overweight people will not crave foods even it is being laid in front of them, as a matter of fact; irvingia gabonensis extract will make them full – the kind where they don’t want to eat.

The African Mango promises effective results and a faster process compare to other weight loss supplements available in the market. So, if you are planning to shed excess weight in just a few months, then an African Mango is a great solution with a minimum loss of 12.5Ibs every month.

Irvingia Gabonensis Extract

9 February 2012 | 1 Comment »

Irvingia gabonensis extract is the reason why African mango plus  has become so popular! Irvingia gabonensis extract or commonly known as African mango extract is the most basic ingredients of African mango plus and it has been said to be efficient when it comes to making your body healthy and as well as promoting weight loss too. There are many effective weight loss supplements today but how do supplements made from irvingia gabonensis extract differ from the rest? It is obvious that other weight loss supplements come from different fruits that are known to have weight loss properties such as berries – blueberries, acai berries and even grapefruits too. In the case of irvingia gabonensis extract, the supplement is a product from the fruit of the African mango tree – a type of mango that grows in east Africa.

Did you know that irvingia gabonensis extract is not that easy to obtain? To get irvingia gabonensis extract, one has to let the African mango undergo a meticulous process. The process should be thorough and safe so as to ensure that you are getting the irvingia gabonensis extract in its truest form. An ordinary person with no knowledge about how to process the African mango the right way should not consider doing the process all by himself.

Irvingia Gabonensis Is Safely Extracted By Professionals

Health experts and professionals are the only persons licensed to do the process of extracting, as they can ensure a safe extraction. The moment that irvingia gabonensis extract is obtained, experts will then process it to transform it into different forms of weight loss supplement product like pills, juices and even powder. That way, people from different countries can now purchase a weight loss supplement made from irvingia gabonensis extract.

It is not surprising to know that some people have doubt. Who wouldn’t? There are a lot of scams today – supplements claiming to be effective and promises weight loss within a short period of time – and later realized that those are actually ineffective products. It’s not just about the money involved, but the of false hopes too. You have been frustrated with finding ways to shed your extra pounds and using fake weight loss supplement will only frustrate you more.

African Mango Plus Contains The Extract

But when you use irvingia gabonensis extract, you can be sure that you are on the right track. Products that contain irvingia gabonensis extract like African Mango Plus will ensure you of a positive result especially when you also do your part. Irvingia gabonensis extract will only be effective when you continue to do your fitness regimen. Irvingia gabonensis extract might have all the substances and properties that can allow you to lose weight but relying on that alone will not give you success. You also need to exercise and eat healthily. After all, irvingia gabonensis extract is not a magic stick that can burn your fats and calories without lifting any of your fingers – more so, African mango is also not a magic fruit that makes you lose weight overnight.

The fact still remains that for you to be able to lose weight, you need to burn more calories and nothing is more effective than exercise, and for you to ensure that you are burning more calories than your calorie intake, watch the food that you eat. Do not eat foods loaded with lots of calories. When you do this you can be sure that irvingia gabonensis extract will work effectively because apart from your effort to intake less calories, African mango Plus will also boost your metabolism. Now isn’t it a great thing? Irvingia gabonensis extract is simply amazing!